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that they did not know any Blackfeet who lived
between these two tribes; so we "must be all right*,
they said. And they invited us to come into their

We rode into their camp and paraded before
them all of the horses we had taken from the
Crows; and they said that we must be great war-
riors. And they were pleased; for they were
enemies of the Crows, too.

Before our warriors got off their horses we saw
the Assiniboine chief going around the mounted
group, looking at all of their shields, which were
tied on the shoulders of the mounts. And soon
he went up to our chief and held out his hand and
said: 'It seems that we are not enemies, I have
looked at all of the medicine paintings on your
shields, and I do not remember seeing any of
them in any of our battles with the Blackfeet.'
They shook hands., and we all felt friendly right

All of the chiefs and councilmen and medicine-
men of the three tribes got together and held a
council. When it was over they sent a 'camp-
crier5 through the big camp to notify every one
that we were all going to have a big feast and hold
an CI Saw Dance* that night. An I Saw Dance is
a dance in which all of the most renowned war-
riors of the tribe relate their most famous exploits
on the war-path; and after they have related it the